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Paper carton knowledge training

The authors:SHANGHAI SHUNGE   Release time:2015-04-08
The first chapter of corrugated cardboard, the carton manufacturing base knowledge A, the characteristics of corrugated cardboard, cartons, advantages and USES 1, it is the commodity packaging transportation one of the main materials; Corru

The first chapter of corrugated cardboard, the carton manufacturing base knowledge
A, the characteristics of corrugated cardboard, cartons, advantages and USES
1, it is the commodity packaging transportation one of the main materials; Corrugated cardboard and corrugated carton production beginning
In the 19 th century, in the early twentieth century can develop rapidly. Corrugated carton light weight, and price
Cheap, can produce many kinds of large size, before the use storage space is small, and all kinds of printing
Design, so in manufactured goods in transportation packing used widely.
2, the structure characteristics: by a single or multiple wavy corrugated cardboard and flat paper, glue into:
3, performance characteristics: corrugated good compressive strength and earthquake resistance performance, can withstand the pressure,
The impact and vibration:
Four, six advantages:
4.1 compressive shock
4.2 suitable for printing
4.3 easy to forming
4.4 light in weight
4.5 beneficial to the environment
4.6 low cost (than other packaging material speaking)
5, cartons, four function
5.1 protection goods
5.2 convenient storage
5.3 in advertising
5.4 promote sales

Second, raw materials is introduced (identification)
1, paper degrees
1.1 base paper: namely production/manufacturing cardboard carton paper as the raw material of the, also called drum paper or artillery paper.
The range of the base paper, generally, the minimum for 850, the most was 1800, a total of 14 odd width,
Base paper production into cardboard are 14 paper degrees (along the lines of the direction of pit cardboard width), 29 ", and ",
35 ", and ", and "... 55 ".
1.2 special paper degrees:
There are 57 ", and ", 63 ", 66 ", 67 ", 70 ", 74 ", 78 ", 82 ", 87 ", 90 ",
94 ", 98 ", etc. Kind of paper degrees.
1.3 the written form:
Usually said the size of the board, paper degrees in front of the writing, the length of the cardboard later.
Such as 31 "* 84", and "* 72"
2, the identification of the paper
2 1 of paper classification (gram weight and code)
K paper: 250 g/m2 T paper (white) : 200 g/m2
A paper: 175 g/m2 2 paper: 125 g/m2
B paper: 125 g/m2 3 paper: 105-115 g/m2
C paper: 127 g/m2 6 paper: 200 g/m2
G paper: 300 G/m2 7 paper: 260 G/m2
F paper: 112 g/m2 8 paper: 3 lOg/m2
W paper: 180 g/m2 9 paper (white) : 125 g/m2
KW (140 g/m2) and let the cattle white 1 paper: 112 g/m2
M paper: 160 g/m2 5 paper: 150 g/m2
2.2 based on the use of the classification
Noodles paper: namely corrugated cardboard top layer of the kraft paper, also called a corrugated board paper.
A. noodles paper (box board paper) is generally not the bleach kraft paper, kraft paper is to cork sulfate pulp
Mainly comprised of fiber, in long nets paper machine on manufacturing.
B. when not in paper in bleaching box at the top of the paper board add a layer of bleaching pulp, make the case for a white paper board
Color, one side of the box for primary colors pull paper called white flour box board paper (mottled white liner), appropriate
C. the ability of physical index is: quantitative (g/m2)
D. cardboard box of quantitative is commonly (127-310 g/m2), relatively carton is concerned.
The core corrugated paper: namely corrugated paper including the production of core corrugated paper (paper) and corrugated paper.
A. main chemical pulp by half (i.e. with virgin pulp sulfite and soda ash for the steam, garnish with mechanical grinding
Ground to a pulp) in long nets on paper machine made.
B. The main physical index for quantitative (g/m2).
C. corrugated paper 112-200 for quantitative general g/m2.
The paper: that is the most in a layer of corrugated cardboard, general use a paper with noodles paper also call box board paper.
Second, corrugated cardboard
L, the classification of corrugated cardboard
According to the layer of 1.1 points
Classification symbols representation method of reading standard notation
The single crater A3A single thick pit face A bottom A A175/112 / A175
Double pit A = A double thick pit face A bottom A A175/112/122/112 / A175
Three pit A = A three thick pit face A bottom A A175/112/112/112/112/112 / A175
Single saw A face the A3 pit slag coarse see pit A175/112
Double saw A face A3A3 pit of slag coarse double see pit A175/112 / A175/112
Single young pit A9 A face of slag young see pit A175/112
A9A9 face A double young pit of slag young double see pit A175/112 / A175/112
According to the classification of 1.2 sutra (GB6544-86)
Classification height (mm) commonly known as the pit number (a / 300 mm)
G pit 0.4 0.5 G pit
F pit 0.6-o. 7 F pit 125 and 2
A pit 4.5-5 A pit 34 and 2
B pit 2.5 3 B pit 50 and 2
C pit 3.5-4 C pit 38 and 2
D pit 1.7 2.7 D pit 78 and 2
E pit 1.1 2 E pit or young pit 96 and 2
Now on the market to increase the whole carton compressive, double pit board adopts A/B or to improve printing effect
Fruit double pit the cardboard E/B pit.
2. Watts Leng cardboard interpretation of the method
In order to reflect the corrugated cardboard and paper each (pit type) combination, use a code says,
Reading methods to remember two points:
2.1 in English letters or number represents paper:
2.2 3 and 9 with two number represents core paper and pit type, 3 said C pit or B pit, 9 said E pit.
2.3 each letter or a digital generally represent a layer of paper (face paper, corrugated paper, paper, in the bottom paper).
3. The structure of the board
With five layer board (double pit cardboard) as an example:
4. Of the corrugated cardboard stare blankly form
Corrugated stare blankly is the shape of the corrugated shape, a group of corrugated by two circular arc and connection of tangent.
Stare blankly form can be divided into V, U shape and uv form 3 kinds.
4.1 V: V the nets arc radius sutra, early pressure compressive performance is better, but more than the highest
Point it quickly destroyed. So the poor performance, resistance to pressure buffer strong, adhesive coating surface was small, no
Easy bonding.
4.2 U shape: U shape the circular arc of the larger half line sutra, rich play Chong, absorb the impact energy is bigger, and when
Pressure after eliminate can still be restored. So the good performance of the pressure, buffer weak, adhesives was coating
Face big, easy to bonding.
4.3 UV form: UV stare blankly between U shape stare blankly and V stare blankly, between the circular arc radius is greater than V,
Less than U shape, so both advantages, are widely used.
4.4 of the corrugated cardboard stare blankly form
Corrugated paper refers to the corrugated model types, namely the corrugated size, characteristics and our different classification. The same
Stare blankly type, its stare blankly type can be different, but the state GB6544-86 (corrugated cardboard) regulation all stare blankly
Type of stare blankly shape are UV form, stare blankly type usually have A, B, C, D, E four is relatively commonly used.
4.4.1 A stare blankly: A stare blankly characteristics is the unit length of corrugated number within little and corrugated the height of the great, A stare blankly
The cartons suitable for packing of the goods have more delicate cushioning force; Such as: broken out of glass cup, such as ceramic, etc.
4.4.2 B stare blankly: B stare blankly and A stare blankly instead, length of the mouth in the number of corrugated and corrugated highly small,
So B stare blankly carton packing suitable for heavier and the hard goods, more for canned beverages bottled items
Packing: in addition, because B stare blankly cardboard and not easy to destroy hard, can be used to manufacture complex shape of group
Close box.
4.4.3 C stare blankly: C stare blankly unit within the corrugated number and length of high sutra, between A and B type between,
Performance is close to A stare blankly, and cardboard thickness is less than A stare blankly, so can save storage and transport
Use, European and American countries used more C stare blankly.
4.4.4 E stare blankly: F stare blankly at length of corrugated number within the unit most, corrugated minimum height, with
Thickness smaller and more hard characteristics, and use it to the corrugated carton manufacturing folding cardboard buffer performance than normal
Good, and slotting incision beautiful, smooth surface, the color printing.
Four stare blankly type of use:
The outer packing-A, B and C stare blankly
The-B and E stare blankly
Small package-E stare blankly
Export packing products of corrugated cardboard stare blankly type (GB5034-85)
Sutra sutra type high (mm) stare blankly number (a / 300 mm)
A 4.5-5 34 and 2
C 3.5 4 40 soil 2
B 2.5-3 50 and 2
Five, cartons, with makings calculation (long, wide, high use to the dimensions are size)
1. General carton:
(wide + high + put several) * 2 (long + wide) + lap tongue
2. Ordinary double was box
(wide + high + put several) * (wide + long + lap tongue)
3. Half a wing by single box
(1/2 wide + + 1/2 put high number) * (2 + 2 + wide long lap tongue)
4. Half a wing double was box
(1/2 wide + + 1/2 put high number) * (wide + long + lap tongue)
5. The single wing by box
(2 wide + + put high number) * (2 + 2 + wide long lap tongue)
6. All the wing double was box
(2 wide + + put high number) * (wide + long + lap tongue)
7. Material box
Bei system actual size + left side a (10 a 12 mm)
Lap tongue: also called tongue slice and article nail, according to the commodity inspection standard "glue joint lap long tong, ue
30-40 mm, nail, lap long tongue 40 a 50 mm, to save costs, meet production conditions,
Now our company for joint general 30 mm, nailing $35 mm, industry standard single crater 1 1/4
Inch, 1 1/2 inch double pit, three pit l 3/4 inch.
Put several: also called into a mouth, in order to make up for a wave cover rocker, disappear cardboard thickness and the increase of the wave cover
The width of the common single pit with 1.5 mm, double pit and 2 mm, three pit add 3 mm, A/B pit to add
3 mm.
8. Other
8.1-card: namely rectangle or square boards
8.2 line card: according to the drawing board (pressure requirements a or a few stripe (also called line pressing) ChangFang
Shape or square cardboard.
8.3 sword: namely on the flat card slot (and corner cutting), general each average slotting knife knife (the distance interval
Equal, except the both ends), slotting knife is called a sword, notching two knife knife card called a, slot three
Knife called three knife card, which in turn on.
Six, put in the degree of size parameters
Corrugated cardboard long wide high
Low pit 1/4 "1/4", 1/2"
Double pit 1/2 "1/2" 3/4"
Three pit 3/4 "3/4" 1"
The second chapter of corrugated cardboard and carton term
A, corrugated box commonly used terms:
1. The basic box and style:
1.1 slot type carton (02 type) : is the most common cartons, basically by a corrugated paper
Board composition, through the nail $or adhesion method will juncture sealing made of cardboard box. Have top and bottom
Shake the tank bottom and the box cover cover constitute, shipment can be folded lie flat, use the box and called to between $
Approach, inside the cover and shake not fold; Irregular slot carton. Among them is irregular slot carton and according to
Situation is divided into many kinds.
1.2 suits type carton (03 type) : by a few pages of the box of billet box, its characteristic is cabinet and box
(above that, base) apart, when using, the box cover is set and the pick.
1.3 folding carton (04 type) : usually consists of a piece of corrugated cardboard composition, folding and those boxes of bottom,
The side and box, don't nail $or bonding.
1.4 50 cartons (HSC) slot: only a couple of wave cover rules slot carton, plus a box.
1.5 days to knock in two combination carton: namely heaven and earth cover carton, a set of carton is divided into day cover and to cover, days
Cover can put to cover completely covered up.
1.6 structural type of no cover shallow box: the heaven and earth and cover carton similar, difference is the structural type of no cover the day light box
Cover is low, can't cover to cover; And half open slot cartons similar, difference is the structural type of no cover shallow
The box to cover not slot type, but there are four article nails, a bottom layer of the carton only.
1.7 double cover three a combination carton: by a day cover, a land cover and a bucket of carton of surrounded.
Above the basic for carton box, of which the fourth to the 7 th kind of all belong to the second. Box in all kinds of
The most common is the first rule slot carton (RSc), each of the basic box and includes several styles, see
The paper pattern "
Carton parts.
2. Structure name:
2.1 carton dimension: the size of the cartons are divided into inner dimensions, line pressing size, size, respectively for the table
And the unit is commonly mm.
In the measurement of 2.1.1 size: boxes support forming, adjacent face a 90 degree Angle, with inner diameter in the feet
Article on a nail from 50 mm respectively in mouth box is long and wide take box box: to the tank bottom and top box in two shakes cover
The distance between the take box is high.
2.1.2 line pressing size measurement: boxes in has not fold, with straightedge measuring the distance between the line
From, take high aspect ratio amount.
For long or wide or high has two size, such as high and low linear carton, expressed as "long x width (rich) x
High 1/2 higher,
Among them high for a large size, high 1 2 for the small size.
2.1.3 outside dimensions measurement: cartons support forming, adjacent face a 90 degree Angle, with straightedge in nail
From the article 50 mm mouth a box
Place respectively take long box box is wide, in the box cover interface just wave of carton take nearly high (including the wave cover).
Article 2.1.4 nail: and that lap tongue. Is for carton eventually encircle shape and in the sides of the box are more out
Part, as shown in figure 2 on the left side of the part, the nail with a high note high, length is commonly: nail by 35 to
40 mm; Bonding 30 to 35 mm.
2.1.5 wave cover: also called E cover, divided into the cover and shake wave in cover, as shown in figure 2 shows. General long side
Cover the wave to the outside wave cover, folding closed when; Wide-brimmed wave in there for cover in wave cover,
After folding not fold. According to the different length cover internal and external wave can be divided into several kinds of the carton
2.1.6 slot: wave between openings of beer cover. General double pit carton slot width is 7 mm, high
With wave height of cover.
2.1.7 hand wan: and that hand clasp, generally in the carton side, often for two head round shape of rectangular, upside
Linear beer in half, and the rest of the wear; Hand wan according to the request of customer to determine the size and position, general
Can't beer to design.
2. 1.8 box ma: the cartons printed instructions on the product name, quantity and carton dimension and so on picture
Case and text. The content of the shipping mark by customer sure. According to the position of the printing can be divided into is ma, the side ma,
Ma printed on the box is the long direction, ma printed on the box side wide direction; If the two boxes long direction
The content of the seal face different, to distinguish, the article is divided into ma ma and is ma; Mark was attached to the article
Long direction, and the other one side for is ma.
2.1.9 price scissors: take combine part ends up and down is creasing line is in two knives distance difference. See figure 3
2.1.10 big small and medium-sized box: high aspect ratio in the sum of the size, in 2000 mm to 1000 mm
And between is medium boxes; More than 2000 mm is the large boxes; Less than lOOOmm is
Small box. Different types of tolerance different cartons.
2.1.11 nail match: nail and width box nailed article combined. Box nailed with the coating for low carbon steel alloy flat silk,
According to the number of nailing and spacing can be divided into the single screw, double nails, according to nail and nail fold line from the point of view of the article
The vertical nail into nails, and the nails, which was the most commonly used inclined.
2.1.12 bonding: nail with wide surface with the article adhesive bonding. Adhesives for starch or other equivalent effect
Binder, cannot use sodium silicate.
2.1.13 height line: cartons of high and low line inside and outside of the wave to cover the cartons line pressing is not the same line;
Inside the cover line pressing than wave wave cover about a corrugated line pressing low of thickness.
3. Technical terms and quality detection term
3.1 technical terms
3,1.1 thickness: it is to point to a paper or cardboard in two measuring plate under certain pressure between direct measurement of thickness,
The result to MM said. (GB451.3-89)
(g) quantitative 3.1.1&3.1.2:1 square meters area of the weight of the paper. The unit is g/m2
3.1.3 pruning the resistance (strong) degrees: units in the area of the cardboard be crushed can withstand the pressure, with kPa or
KGF/cm2 said. 1 kg ~ cm2:98 kPa
3.1.4 radar echoes captured through strength: use certain shape through the work required undersurface of cardboard. Which includes began to wear
Thorn and make cardboard tear into hole bend the work. With KGF · cm (J) said.
1 j = 10.2 KGF · cm (GB2679-81)
3.1.5 moisture content: the pattern according to certain standards drying all the heng zhong, its quality to reduce value and drying
The ratio of weight before the pattern. With % said. (GB462)
3. 1.6 the cartons compressive strength: ensure that carton press press not crushed the biggest force and its bottom area
The ratio of. In the office or kg/cm2 kPa said. 1 KGF/cm2 = 98 kPa
3.2 quality testing terms
3.2.1 serious flaw: it is to point to product use, maintenance, or rely on the product to the individual has the danger
Or not security results weaknesses; Or lead to the function of the original product scheduled loss or can't get full
The defect of the foot. (CRI)
3.2.2 main defects: reduce the use of products performance, the result may lead to failure of defects.
3.2.3 minor defects: refers to the defects in the product to use performance won't bring down, or if the original and
Set the standard expected to have difference, but in the use and operation effect didn't have much effect on the defects.
3.2.4 full inspection: the production of finished products or semi-finished products all inspection, to ensure that no quality problems. General
For the customer requirements is strictly, the products have found a larger problem, or next process cost is higher, for the finished products or semi-finished products for all inspection. Our factory inspection level for A level to determine the product or semi-finished products into
Do the whole inspection.
3.2 5 sampling inspection: according to a certain standard of sampling, the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished product department
Points inspection, in incoming inspection, production each working procedure, self-check, most of the finished product inspection usually take
The inspection force type, the factory inspection level determined for class B product or semi-finished products for sampling inspection.
3 2.6 inspection exemption: according to a certain standard, for the finished products need not can warehousing inspection delivery, for the work
Sequence is simple, simple products, production processes, the product can be used strictly control the inspection force type, this
Factory inspection level determined for grade C products or semi-finished products for sampling inspection.
3.2. 7 size super poor: size more than request or national standard provisions range of error.
3.2.8 discretion stare blankly: corrugated paper stare blankly fluctuating business, cardboard thickness of the small ChaoShan tolerance are.
3 2.9 surface wrinkles: of the corrugated cardboard box board paper have obvious wrinkles.
3.2.10 collapse pit: pit by external force, the paper pressure was flat.
3.2.11 adhesive rickety: the cohesive strength short of asks, corrugated board paper or noodles paper and corrugated paper easy to take off
3.2.12 g deficiency: the ability of total quantitative less than a standards.
3.2.13 hardness enough: excessive moisture content or raw materials cardboard gram weight shortage and make the cardboard can not reach the corresponding
Resistance to the strength and poked through strength.
3.2.14 pit deformation paper: due to the damp or dehydration make pit paper happen to bending deformation, 1 gb provisions
M leaflet cardboard, bending not more than 20 mm.
3.2.15 come unglued: corrugated board and corrugated paper not sealed. Glue to take off the area of every square metre is not more than
20 cm2.
3.2.16 critical line: beer line or line pressing part within or outside of the crack paper.
3.2.17 blasting horns: fold on the corner when broken.
3.2.18 nail fold: two or more box was playing together.
3.2.19 become warped nail: was not press flat feet and cocked up.
3.2.20 nail through: nail feet failed to penetrate the cardboard. This is usually due to a nail fold caused by foot.
3.2.21 rusty spot: box and make contact with cardboard rusty nail produce rust.
3 2 and the price scissors: take combine part ends up and down is creasing line is in two knives distance difference. Gb rules
Large box set price scissors is no more than 7 mm, medium-sized box for no more than 6 mm, small cases not more than
4 mm.
3.2. 23 stare blankly inclined: line line pressing or beer with grooved parallel or vertical. Large box of inclined not more than 3 sutra
A small, small box of inclined not more than two sutra.
3.2.24 short of materials: corrugated carton of corrugated board more than corrugated paper.
3.2.25 dew stare blankly (pit) : corrugated carton of corrugated paperboard than box.
3.2.26 through plastic: adhesive glue overflow.
3.2.27 sticky flower: overflow of glue in neighbouring boxes and make the box surface damage.
3.2.28 run line: the cohesive along the line or not when beer line pressing fold and make the adhesive beer line or not when line
3.2.29 off color: color and color printing with the differences between standard color.
3.2 30 sets of is not straight: grabbing the relative position between the printing of not alignment and make design produces deviation.
3.2 and the thief: as the set is not straight or paper deformation and make should have a color place show paper color.
3.2.32 through India: print side of the ink penetration to the other side.
3.2.33 paint flower: printing paper printing side and on one piece of paper adhesion and make the printing surface is broken.
3.2.34 scratch: printing paper due to the handling of external force, the printing surface to los is damaged.
3.2.35 surface cleaning: the place with ink printing or other and make the cartons unclean.
4. The reference material:
GB/T4857.4-92 GBl2986-91 SN/T0262-93 GB451.2-89
GB451.3-89 GB455.1-89
GB453-89 GB1539-89 GB2679.8-95 GB13023-91
GB13024-91 GB5033-85
GB5034-85 GB6543-86 GB6544-86 GB6545-98 GB6546-98
GB6548-98 GB2679.7-81 GB462-89

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