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Wire touch the machine-Carton machinery-Corrugated board prod

The authors:SHANGHAI SHUNGE   Release time:2015-07-17
Wire touch the machine-Carton machinery-Corrugated board production linecarton machinery factorycarton machinery factory:Touch line machine:1, the slot width of blade is 7 mm, with nine sigr material manufacturing, knife-edge sharp, serrated
Wire touch the machine-Carton machinery-Corrugated board production line carton machinery factory carton machinery factory:Touch line machine: 1, the slot width of blade is 7 mm, with nine sigr material manufacturing, knife-edge sharp, serrated blade. 2, the use of electric knife can be adjusted horizontally and line pressing roller synchronous, working state when lateral clearance for pneumatic clamping, convenient and quick adjusting box high four knife synchronization.Work and swift 3, notching 360 KWH phase modulation, the planet gear mechanism, operation, stops can be adjusted. Automatic wire touch machine advantage: 1) high degree of automation: the machine PLC computer control, touch screen operation simple and intuitive, photoelectric, pressure sensors, such as entire production testing, servo and step power high intelligent degree, negative pressure suction device with variable frequency control technology and touch line stamping and easy operation with PLC to realize communication. 2) processing touch line of good quality: the traditional way of convex and concave vertical knife touch line, inherited the touch line forming of good quality, high in crease folding frequency adjustable, flexible touch line width and depth of advantages. 3) touch line high positioning accuracy, because the initial positioning, high-precision photoelectric sensor combination is often used in nc machine tools in the field of level with accuracy of 0.001 mm of servo motor encoder transmit position detection precision, ensure the cardboard touch line position accurately. low level of energy consumption of the whole machine: because few adopts the traditional mechanical transmission method, the working parts by computer programmed soft connection, reduce mechanical wear and tear, low mechanical efficiency loss rate, the whole machine need maintenance, maintenance, power consumption is only equivalent to other similar functions by more than 30% of the equipment. 4) repeated high durability: a: the whole machine structure design to take in the advanced concept of free maintenance, standardization, maintenance jobs without trival, quick-wear part design of long life, low cost of purchase and easy replacement, for the user to save a lot of maintenance, the maintenance cost and time.B: due to select parts in the global scope, ensure the quality of the basic components.
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